Types of Drug Tests Before Getting a Job

Shawn Kilgarlin

September 28, 2022

Types of Drug Tests

Drug tests come in many different forms. A five-panel drug test looks for marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, and drugs that make you sleepy, like barbiturates. Heroin, opium, codeine, and methamphetamine are all opiates. One of the most common types of  drug tests done before hiring someone is a urine test. Angel dust, or phencyclidine, is also tested. Barbiturate drugs include Valium and Xanax.


One of the most common drug tests done before hiring someone is a urine test. It involves taking a sample of a person’s urine and testing it to see if there are any signs of drugs in it. This kind of test is quick and cheap. The sample is sent to a lab where it will be looked at. Most of the time, the results are ready within a few days. If the test comes back positive, the applicant will have to send in their sample again.

The most common kind of drug test before a job is a urine test, which is usually given after a conditional job offer. A urine test is a great way to find out if a candidate has been using drugs because it can find signs of use even after the effects have worn off. There are a lot of different pre-employment drug tests, but urine testing is the most common and easiest to give. It also gives a quick, painless way to check for alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, PCP, opiates, and other drugs.

A urine drug test can find evidence of recent drug use, including the use of prescription drugs. Even though blood tests are very accurate, they are also invasive, expensive, and have a shorter period of time when they can be used. Saliva testing, also called oral fluid testing, is another choice. This test is cheaper than urine tests and can show results in 7–21 hours, which makes it a good alternative to urine tests.

Oral fluid testing

An oral fluid drug test is one of the most common tests that people take before getting a job. This kind of screening can be done quickly and well. It can be done in a lab or out in the field. Most of the time, it only takes a few minutes to get a sample, and the results are usually ready in the same amount of time. Different people have different detection windows, but in general, oral fluid tests are more accurate than urine tests.

One of the best things about this test is how easy it is to use. You don’t have to set up any equipment, and the process is completely private. Also, drug tests on oral fluid are much better at finding recent drug use than tests on urine or hair. Tests on urine and hair take a few days to show drug use, but tests on oral fluid can show drug use right away.

Oral fluid drug testing is one of the cheapest ways to check for drugs in a potential employee. But employers need to think about the risks that come with the test. Oral fluid tests don’t need as much privacy as urine tests. It can also be done at work, like in the office of a human resources manager or a supervisor.

Tests for reasonable suspicion

Drug testing is usually done by a company when they have a “reasonable suspicion” that an employee is using illegal drugs. This kind of test gives accurate and consistent results, and if an employee refuses a drug test, the company can fire them.

Reasonable suspicion testing is done when a boss has a good reason to think that an employee is using drugs. The tests are optional, and supervisors should learn how to spot the signs of drug use as part of their training. Before running the test, it’s also important to get management’s OK.

A urine test or a hair sample may be used to check for drugs before hiring someone. The most common way is to test the urine. It is less painful than testing saliva. The test can show if someone used drugs up to 90 days ago. Another common way to find out if an employee has been drinking is to test his or her breath. These tests cost more money and need a bigger group of people to test. Also, having short hair could make the tests hard. Saliva and urine tests are the most common degree of implementation that employers do before they hire someone.