Can a Hair Drug Test Be Cheated?

Shawn Kilgarlin

April 4, 2023

Hair Drug Test

A hair drug test is a testing method that uses a sample of your head hair to detect any drug use you may have had. This is commonly used for pre-employment screenings and court-ordered probation tests. This hair drug test goes back much further than urine testing and can identify drug use from the last five to 90 days. It’s also 5 to 10 times more accurate.

Shaving your head

Shaving your head seems like a great idea, but it’s not the best way to pass a hair drug test. For starters, drug metabolites aren’t only present in the hair on your head; they’re also present in eyebrows, eyelashes, facial hair, nose hair, ear hair, underarm and forearm hair, chest hair (for men), and pubic hair.

This means that even if you shave your head, testers will still take hair samples from other parts of your body, and that hair is likely to grow at a slower rate than the hair on your head.

Despite all this, some products claim to help you pass a hair drug test. These include detoxifying shampoos and conditioners that coat your strands with a chemical seal that prevents toxins from attaching to the hair. However, most of these products do not work long enough to allow you to use them before your drug test. They were also expensive.

Detoxing your hair

Detoxing your hair is a great way to rid yourself of chemicals and pollutants clogging up your mane. It can help your hair look and feel healthier, boost volume, balance excessive oil, reduce dandruff, and even relieve itchy scalp conditions.

Hair detox is a good idea for anyone with any hair, but it is especially helpful for oily hair. Depending on your situation and needs, you should detox your hair about once a week or every two weeks.

To detox, your hair, apply a mixture of baking soda and water to your head. Allow it to sit for five minutes before rinsing it with water. Then, use a drug-removing shampoo such as Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid or Jerry G. This shampoo can remove residue from drugs and other contaminants, making your hair follicles look clean enough to pass a test.

Hair dyes

Hair dyes are cosmetic products that change the color of a person’s hair. They are made up of a combination of chemicals. The most common type of hair dye is a permanent one, which colors the hair permanently from the inside hair. These products contain ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and various other chemicals.

They should be applied only after shampoo and should not be left on for more than the instructions tell you. They also should be rinsed thoroughly after use to avoid residue buildup. Some people are allergic to the chemicals in permanent and demi-permanent hair dyes, so a patch test should be performed before using them.

Many hair dyes are now safe to use, but there is still a risk of allergic reactions and other health problems. In addition, there is evidence that long-term use of permanent hair dyes can increase a person’s risk for breast cancer.

Hair extensions

Hair extensions are an excellent way to add length, thickness, and volume without cutting your hair. However, they should only be used on healthy, untreated hair that hasn’t been chemically relaxed.

Those with hair that has been chemically relaxed should avoid getting extensions. Because it can cause damage to your natural hair follicles. In addition, people with finer hair should avoid micro-rings, and those with thick, coarse hair should avoid synthetic hair extensions as they may be too stiff.

Some individuals have used hairpieces to cheat a hair drug test. This isn’t a good idea because there is no guarantee. That the hair tester won’t get a piece of your real hair.